Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil

If you think that bowling can only be done on dry lanes and medium-oil lanes, just think again. As for now this kind of sport has metamorphosed and can be played on heavy oil lanes.

Of course, the balls used will be different from the “normal” lanes that you used to play the game. You need to know that a good oil bowling ball should be equipped with certain features like a porous coverstock.

The feature will make it possible for the ball to improve hook sharpness, absorb lane oil, optimize friction, and react properly. Ready to choose your best bowling ball for heavy oil?


Here is a List of Products to Narrow Down your Options

#1. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

-Best- Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil-

This bowling ball is specially designed for heavy oil lanes. As the name suggests, this Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Bowl will provide you with the great legacy of the popular Black Widow Series.

To ensure the best performance, the ball is designed with versatility in thoughts. The versatile design of this Hammer Widow Bowling Ball can retain the ball’s efficacy and reactivity when it is used on heavy oil patterns.

Not only that but the ball will also perform well on medium oil lanes. The ball also stands out compared to its competitors, thanks to the NBT Reactive coverstock feature added.

Meanwhile, the carbon fiber shell attached makes the ball strong and more durable. The ball can also work well on wild angles when it gets to the pocket, thanks to the Gas Mask Core added.

With a Powerhouse Factory Polish that covers the 1000-Grit Finish, the ball will provide you with higher traction and reaction.

#2. Storm Timeless Bowling Bowl

--Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil-

Storm Timeless Bowling Bowl is another best ball to use on heavy-oil lanes. The ball is carefully designed under the collaboration of Storm Timeless with Jason Belmonte, a multi-award winning PBA player.

He uses all his knowledge during his years of experience in professional bowling competitions to develop the best bowling ball for lanes with heavy oils.

The bowling ball itself comes with great features such as an unrivaled Dual-Drive weight block and an R2S coverstock. They enable the ball to produce faster revving.

Not only that, but the perfect combination of the two features also allows this Storm Timeless Bowling Ball to deliver a better hitting power than its competitors.

The features also provide the ball with great energy when it strikes the pins. Another best thing about the R2S coverstock feature offered by the Storm Timeless is that it allows the ball to have enough frictions on oily lanes.

#3. Hammer Black Widow Black

Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil-

Hammer Black Widow Black is another best bowling ball for heavy oil on the list. It is a hybrid bowling ball that will work to perform greatly even on the most challenging alleys.

Hammer Black Widow Black comes with various features to guarantee versatility. The perfect combination of an angular Gas Mask core and an Aggression Hybrid coverstock promises an impressive performance.

This will make it possible for the bowl to go along heavy-oil densities smoothly. Additionally, the combination of the two features also allows the ball to deliver a stronger back end motion on both heavy and medium-oily patterns.

The porous coverstock feature of the ball is also brilliant. Keep in mind that the feature is the main determinant reaction of the bowling ball.

Meanwhile, the core of the feature will allow you to enjoy the dynamism of shape that is critical the most in facilitating the reaction.

In other words, the bowling ball is undrilled. In this way, your drilling technician can change the shape so it will be suitable the most with your bowling game.

#4. Storm PhysiX Bowling Ball

Best- Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil-

Consider putting this Storm PhysiX Bowling Ball under your radar if you are a pro in this game. This ball will allow you to enjoy an impressive momentum to win your bowling game.

It comes with a unique Atomic Core feature that will enable you to optimize the performance of the ball on heavy oil patterns.

The product also promises an impressive high differential punch that is combined with a relatively low RG rating. The unique mixture of the features will provide the bowling ball with powerful overall hooks.

This will be perfect the most to help you create a perfect momentum on heavy-oil densities. Storm PhysiX Bowling Ball also comes with another unusual combination of the NRG Reactive coverstock and 3000 Grift Finish.

This will provide your bowling ball with an impressive gliding movement through the heads. In this way, the ball can provide you with a great angular continuation and a delayed reaction for a more enjoyable bowling game.

#5. Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball

Best- Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil--

If you are looking for the best skid bowling ball for heavy-oil patterns, Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias can be one of the rightest options to take.

The ball is equipped with a urethane EXA-CR coverstock to ensure its high performance. Not only that but the feature is also combined with a high-density RG Asymmetric core, making it one of the perfect options for the best bowling ball for heavy oil.

Additionally, the thick coverstock of the bowling ball can also deliver impressive longevity and great hitting power.

The core of the ball is carefully designed to meet the overall weight of the ball, dynamics of the core, and hook potential.

Meanwhile, the all-white finish of the bowling ball also features an improved hooking power, making it a great option for heavy-oil densities.


Final Thoughts

As the bowling game transforms and now can be played on lanes with heavy oils, a specific ball is needed to adapt to the change.

As a professional gamer, you need to include this ball into your must-have equipment to allow you to readily face competitive bowling tournaments anytime.

Considering crucial features such as a porous coverstock when choosing the best bowling ball for heavy oil is important.

Make sure to carefully pick up the best bowling ball so you can show your best performance when playing the game.