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Bowling Ball Keeps Going Left? : Master Your Ball Control Now



If your bowling ball keeps going left, it could be due to your release technique or the ball’s drilling. Inconsistent wrist positioning or a mismatched ball layout may cause the ball to consistently drift left.

When it comes to improving your bowling game, addressing these factors can help you eliminate the leftward drift and achieve a straighter path to the pins. By fine-tuning your release and ensuring your ball’s layout suits your style, you can enhance your accuracy and overall performance on the lanes.

Understanding the potential causes behind your bowling ball veering left will empower you to make the necessary adjustments and enhance your game. Let’s explore some common reasons for this issue and how you can remedy it to bowl more effectively.

Bowling ball keep going left

Common Reasons Why Bowling Ball Going Left

It can be frustrating when your bowling ball keeps drifting left. This common issue can lead to inconsistent scores and a lack of control over your game. Understanding the reasons behind this problem is essential for improving your performance on the lanes. In this article, we’ll explore the common reasons why a bowling ball drifts left and provide insights into how you can address these issues to enhance your game.

Incorrect Hand Position

One of the primary reasons for a bowling ball drifting left is an incorrect hand position. When your hand is not properly positioned on the ball during release, it can cause the ball to veer off course. If your hand is positioned too far to the left of the ball at the point of release, it can cause the ball to spin prematurely, leading to an uncontrolled leftward drift.

Improper Release Technique

Another common reason for a bowling ball drifting left is an improper release technique. A smooth and accurate release is crucial for maintaining the ball’s intended trajectory. If your release is inconsistent or rushed, it can result in the ball veering to the left. Additionally, failing to maintain a stable wrist position throughout the release can contribute to uncontrolled ball motion, causing it to drift leftward.

Adjusting Your Approach

If your bowling ball keeps veering left, try adjusting your approach. Experiment with altering your stance and release to find the right adjustment, ensuring a more accurate throw. Remember to keep practicing and tweaking your technique until you find the ideal approach for a straighter path.

If your bowling ball consistently keeps going left, it’s time to adjust your approach. Among the many factors that could be causing this issue, your foot placement and arm swing angle play a critical role. Making the necessary adjustments in these areas can help you regain control over the direction of your ball.

Foot Placement

When your ball veers to the left, your foot placement could be to blame. Ensure that your feet are positioned correctly in relation to the foul line. The ideal spot may vary depending on your bowling style and body mechanics. Experiment with your foot placement until you find a position that allows for a straighter release.

Arm Swing Angle

The angle of your arm swing as you release the ball also impacts its direction. A consistent swing is crucial for accuracy. Pay attention to the path of your arm during your release and adjust the angle as needed. Work on maintaining a smooth and consistent swing to minimize deviations in the ball’s trajectory.

Remember that making adjustments to your approach may take time to yield results. Be patient and practice consistently to improve your technique and correct the leftward path of your bowling ball.

Importance Of Ball Speed And Rev Rate

When it comes to diagnosing why your bowling ball keeps going left, two critical factors that influence its trajectory are ball speed and rev rate. Understanding how these variables impact your throws can make a significant difference in your game.

Impact On Ball Trajectory

The combination of ball speed and rev rate greatly affects the path your bowling ball takes down the lane. A higher rev rate causes the ball to hook more, while increased speed reduces the hook potential, leading to a straighter trajectory.

Adjusting Speed For Control

To regain control and correct the leftward drift of your ball, it is crucial to make adjustments to your ball speed and rev rate. Here are key strategies for improving your trajectory:

  • Slow Down: Decreasing your ball speed can reduce the hook and help keep the ball on target.
  • Increase Rev Rate: Generating more revolutions can counteract the leftward movement and enable the ball to hold its line better.
  • Change Ball Release: Altering your release technique can impact both speed and rev rate, providing greater control over the ball’s path.

Understanding Lane Conditions

When a bowling ball consistently veers to the left, it could be a frustrating experience for any bowler. Understanding the impact of lane conditions, specifically oil patterns, is crucial to addressing this issue and improving your game. Let’s dive in and explore how oil patterns can affect the trajectory of your bowling ball and how to adjust your line accordingly.

Oil Patterns

Oil patterns on the bowling lane play a significant role in determining the ball’s behavior. The distribution and thickness of the oil on the lane surface influence ball motion. Heavier oil patterns will slow down the ball and cause it to hook later, while lighter oil patterns can lead to increased ball speed and an earlier hook. Understanding the specific oil pattern in play can help you anticipate the ball’s movement and make necessary adjustments.

Adjusting Your Line

To address a bowling ball consistently going left, bowlers can make small adjustments to their starting position and targeting spot on the lane. For instance, if the ball drifts left due to the heavier oil concentration on the right side of the lane, shifting your starting position slightly to the left could compensate for the imbalance. Additionally, increasing the speed of your release or altering the angle of your approach can also mitigate the leftward movement of the ball.

Implementing Proper Ball Maintenance

Bowling enthusiasts often encounter the frustrating problem of the ball consistently veering to the left. While various reasons could be contributing to this issue, one often overlooked factor is the maintenance of the bowling ball. It’s essential to understand how proper ball maintenance can significantly impact its performance on the lanes. By implementing the following strategies, bowlers can address the challenge of a bowling ball that keeps going left.

Polishing And Cleaning

Regular polishing and cleaning are crucial for maintaining the surface of a bowling ball. Over time, the ball’s surface can accumulate dirt, oil, and lane debris, leading to decreased friction and hook potential. By keeping the ball clean and using a reliable ball cleaner, bowlers can ensure consistent performance. Implementing a polishing routine will not only enhance the ball’s appearance but also maintain its reactive properties, helping to reduce its tendency to hook excessively to the left.

Consistent Weight And Balance

A properly weighted and balanced bowling ball is essential for achieving a consistent delivery and trajectory. Regular inspections of the ball’s weight blocks and core integrity are necessary to address any potential issues. Rebalancing the ball, if needed, can help correct any imbalances that may contribute to the ball drifting left. Additionally, ensuring that the ball’s weight remains consistent is vital for maintaining the intended hook potential and improving control over its direction.

Seeking Professional Coaching

When your bowling ball keeps going left, despite your best efforts to adjust your technique, seeking professional coaching can offer valuable insights and solutions. Professional coaches possess the knowledge and experience to identify and address the underlying issues causing your bowling ball to consistently veer left. They can provide individualized feedback, targeted drills, and exercises to help you improve your performance and achieve greater accuracy on the lanes.

Individualized Feedback

Professional coaching sessions offer personalized feedback tailored to your specific needs and challenges. With keen observation and analysis, coaches can pinpoint the subtle flaws in your technique that are causing your bowling ball to consistently drift leftward. Through comprehensive assessments and one-on-one consultations, coaches can provide actionable recommendations and adjustments to help you correct your delivery and improve your accuracy.

Targeted Drills And Exercises

In addition to feedback, professional coaching involves the implementation of targeted drills and exercises designed to address your specific bowling challenges. Coaches can prescribe focused practice routines, such as alignment drills, release technique exercises, and spare shooting simulations, that directly target the issues contributing to your bowling ball’s leftward movement. These purposeful drills and exercises are essential for honing your skills and developing the muscle memory needed for consistent, on-target deliveries.

Implementing Corrective Measures

To address the persistent issue of the bowling ball consistently going left, it’s crucial to assess and rectify your technique. Ensure proper alignment with the target, as misalignment can result in the ball deviating from its intended path. Additionally, adjust your approach and release to promote a straighter trajectory. Experiment with different bowling ball weights to find the most suitable option that aligns with your throwing style and physical strength. Understanding the dynamics of bowling ball hook potential and adjusting the release angle can also aid in controlling the ball’s direction.

Practice And Patience

Mastery of ball control requires dedicated practice and unwavering patience. Consistent repetition of the corrective measures, alongside a focus on muscle memory development, is crucial to overcoming the persistent issue of the bowling ball veering left. Developing a proper pre-shot routine and a focused mindset can significantly contribute to enhancing your ball control. Seeking guidance from a professional coach can provide valuable insights and personalized tips to refine your technique and overcome the inherent challenges.

Mental Approach And Focus

Bowling is an exhilarating sport that requires not only physical skill but also a strong mental approach and focus. If you find your bowling ball consistently veering to the left, the issue may not be solely technical, but also tied to your mental game. By working on your mental approach and focus, you can improve your consistency and accuracy on the lanes.

Visualizing The Target

Incorporating visualization techniques into your bowling routine can significantly impact your game. Before stepping onto the approach, take a moment to mentally visualize hitting your target. Envision the path your ball will take and focus on a specific point where you want it to make contact with the pins. This mental imagery can help reinforce your muscle memory and improve your alignment and release.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Remaining composed and collected during high-pressure moments is crucial for maintaining a consistent shot. Whether you’re in a competitive match or facing a challenging spare, staying calm under pressure can prevent rushing your shot and ensure proper execution. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and approach the lane with confidence, allowing your muscle memory to take over without being clouded by anxiety or nerves.


Troubleshooting a bowling ball that consistently veers left involves analyzing your release and adjusting your technique. Additionally, ensuring proper ball fit and weight can significantly impact your throw. Experiment with different angles and foot positions to fine-tune your approach. Implementing these adjustments can aid in achieving a straighter trajectory for a more satisfying game.

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