Things to Know the Official USBC Bowling Lane Dimensions


If you are a new bowler or you have never spent the time to stop and think about the regulation which comes to the bowling, you are in the right place.

What are the Official USBC Bowling Lane Dimensions? This article shares information related to your questions. Of course, you will know about other regulations which are very important for bowlers.


Understanding About Bowling Lane Dimensions

When you see the bowling lane, you will see that this lane is skinny and long. The width will be measured from the tip to another tip and the length starts from the foul line and going to the headpin.

It means that the pins area and anything behind the pins do not calculate the length. The parts may be uniform or look the same in appearance.


Several Parts Of The Bowling Lane

Many people see the bowling lane as one of the objects that they do not realize that this lane has divided into several parts. Each part gives a contribution and has its role to play the rules.

There are other parts of the bowling arena which connected to this lane in several ways.

They also play important parts during bowling, but those parts do not include in the dimensions that have mentioned before.


The Boards Of Bowling Lane

You should know that each bowling lane has 39 boards, which is around one inch wide, and the center of this lane was marked by the board with number 20.

The board has made from woods the line looks like one whole part. It has divided into three parts.

All of those parts have built by different woods, such as the first section was made from maple, the second section was made by the pine, and the area of the pins was made up by maple again.


Understanding The Foul Line In Bowling

The foul line found at the start of the lane, it was painted across this lane broad and located between these gutters. The foil line will show when a bowler has stepped too far in their approach, it is a foul as well.

This foul happens when bowling across this foul lane. The foul occurs when the feet should be physically touching on the boards of the foul line.

There is a sensor connected to the foul lane that is triggered to make a flash or alarm sounds, these things will surprise anyone in your lane as well.

On each side of the bowling lane also has a gutter.  It is a kind of dipped trench made from plastic or rubber materials. These gutters were around 60 feet long.

When the ball passes the wooden part of the lane, then it will fall to the gutter and you fail since it missed for that throw. You will not get any point in your scores.


Knowing The Bowling Machine

The bowling machine is one of the most necessary parts from the bowling arena, it will take your balls and send it back to the bowler while clearing and rearranging the pins as well.

Before the invention of this machine, the workers who want to earn a little cash would sit and hide at the end of the lane, and after each turn adjust the pins and pick the ball.

Thanks to its bowling machine, the process has been improved, and you can get quick results and faster games as well.


Tips How To Maintain The Bowling Lane

To keep the bowling lane in a good condition, there are several things that each bowler needs to know.

Each player or bowler uses at least one or two lanes during their games in the bowling arena, so they should take the right ways to respect the property and help to maintain the bowling alley as well.


Always Wearing Bowling Shoes

Ensure you always wear your bowling shoes, whether you rent it or bring your shoes when you are going to play bowling.

You should know that regular shoes are not made for slipperiness and can cause dangerous injuries for you.

Even they can track debris and dirt that can stretch up and harmful for the lane. If you have a pair of bowling shoes, you should not wear it for daily activities.

Just wear them for bowling. Once again, debris and dirt can be stuck in your shoes and damage its protecting layer.


Be Careful With Your Food And Drinks

Do not ever bring your food and drink to the approaching area of the lanes.

This lane has layered before to help your toss the ball and maintain the wood.

Bringing your food to this lane is prone to the fall of sticky spices or other foods that can build up in the wood and ruin your experience as well.


Bowling Balls

Many bowlers have their bowling balls, a lot of leagues even amateurs can take advantage of using bowling balls in the bowling arena.

These balls are available for customer use. Sometimes bowlers will use more than just one ball during the game to find out the right weight that works best for them.

It is fine, but keep in mind that you need to put the balls back on the shelves where do you taking them after you have finished the game.

In this way, the holding mechanism is not too full and ready to use for the next bowler who will rent the lane.

It also helps to keep the bowling lane stay neat and tidy to other bowlers.

It shows that bowlers are mature enough to pick them all after playing bowling.

When you wonder about What are the Official USBC Bowling Lane Dimensions? Now, you have your answers.

You also have other information related to rules and regulations which have used to set up the lane along with other features that have placed to help bowlers in easy ways.

Ensure that you can keep all those manners to keep this lane or alley stay in the best condition.