Common Bowling Mistakes That You Should Avoid


Playing bowling becomes a fun sports activity to do. You can play it at home because it is an indoor sport by building a mini-bowling area. It is a kind of sports conducted to refresh your mind.

Though it looks so easy, you still have to master bowling skills to play with. But, for some beginners, they often did some mistakes in playing bowling.

There will be some common bowling mistakes that must be avoided.

Bowling has its style. Most of the bowlers tend to face many same traps and problems.

This is discussing some common bowling mistakes in which you must prevent it.


5 Common Bowling Mistakes

1.)Incorrect Pushaway or Attitude

When you want to play bowling, the arms of players should be straight front and back.

It has two common things conducted by many bowlers negatively influencing the result of the shot.

Firstly, several bowlers want to touch a bowling ball in the center of the chest when he is in a standing position.

If the ball is at such a far position, you will be forced to move your arm to the side and back around your body to do a backswing position.

It becomes the first common mistake in playing bowling.

Otherwise, it is better to touch a ball outside of your body sides so that you can swing it straight to the back and front.

On push away position, many bowlers point one side but he doesn’t bid a target.

It also makes a bad effect on arm swing because your arm must be back to the side during the backswing.


2.) Flying with Your Legs

At one time, all is well but the ball seems to march correctly. If it is a problem, you should check it.

Flying and floating means that it is the early spot with one board.

However, you will end on a different board. In another word, you have flown to one side.

To fix your position, you need to manage yourself earlier and do an approach to practice without a ball.

Then, you see bottom whether you end on the same board.

You can ask a path to see using a curving pattern.

You shouldn’t see the bottom in the center of the shot because it is ruining another area of the bowling shot.


3.) Throwing A Bowling Ball Quickly

A big problem for bowlers is the speed of the approach and throwing it.

For some reason, all people seem to get a hurry in throwing a bowling ball.

It becomes one of the common bowling mistakes for beginners and people.

You shouldn’t do it. A bowler making a fast step to the line makes your position imbalance.

It is also making you inconsistent.

If you are watching a professional bowler, you will see that everything runs slowly in throwing the ball while seeing the right shot.

You don’t need to run faster to produce power. Thus, you should spend your time and watch the shot.


4.) Falling Ball at Release

In an ideal bowling shot, a bowling ball is usually released crossing a line.

However, the bowlers tend to destroy their time and finally release it earlier.

It is making you fall bowling hard on the line and not release it smoothly.

To fix the problem, make sure that you don’t release the ball from your hands before your legs start to step on the last step and make sure that you have the targeted line.

Even, you don’t realize that you fall a bowling ball, you ask your friend to watch and check where the ball is first time touching a line surface.


5.) Lifting the Ball

Finally, many bowlers release the ball so that it lands hard on the line surface.

It is a big problem because it is impossibly controlled.

If a bowling ball touches the three lines or the leg crosses the line, you will get more lofting ball.

You shouldn’t feel that you need to lift the ball like another game. In bowling, you shouldn’t throw the ball strongly in which it doesn’t need a high speed.

All that you need are a pendulum movement and the strength of the fingers.

You may direct the ball because you are lately controlling.

Make sure that you handle the strength of your fingers. The problem is that a bowling ball is not set well to your hands. It is making you face a difficult position to play bowling.

You have to throw the bowling ball on time directing to the pins. It is a strategy to minimize the mistake in bowling.


Final Words

Those are some common bowling mistakes that you must be avoided if you want to be a successful bowler.

You need to learn the strategies for playing bowling.