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Hardest Split in Bowling: Greek Church



The hardest split in bowling is a term used to describe an extremely challenging pin configuration that a bowler can encounter. It refers to a situation where the pins are left standing in a way that makes it incredibly difficult for the bowler to knock them all down with a single ball.

Split refers to the scenario where there is a gap between the pins left standing, making it almost impossible for the ball to hit both pins simultaneously. When the gap is wide and the remaining pins are positioned far apart, it is considered to be a difficult split.

Bowling splits come in various forms, but some are notoriously challenging and require exceptional skill and precision to convert. One of the hardest splits is the 7-10 split, also known as “bedposts.” In this scenario, the bowler is left with the two corner pins, the 7 pin and the 10 pin, while the rest of the pins have been knocked down. The pins are positioned so far apart that it is extremely rare to successfully pick up this split.

Attempting to pick up a difficult split requires careful strategy and a deep understanding of ball control. Bowlers may employ different techniques, such as using a spare ball with minimal hook or aiming for the pin closest to the ball to increase the chances of success.

Bowling is a sport that requires skill, precision, and technique. One of the most challenging aspects of bowling is facing difficult splits. A split in bowling refers to a configuration of pins left standing after the first ball in a frame, with a gap between them. Among the various splits, there is one that is widely regarded as the most challenging – the “Greek Church” split.


Understanding the Greek Church Split

The Greek Church split, also known as the “Big Four,” occurs when the 4-6-7-9-10 pins are left standing after the first ball. This split is characterized by a wide gap between the pins, making it extremely difficult to convert. It is named after its resemblance to the shape of a cathedral or church, hence the name “Greek Church.”

Why Is It Considered The Hardest?

The Greek Church split is often deemed the hardest because of the angle and force required to knock down all the pins. The positioning of the pins makes it challenging for a bowler to generate enough power and accuracy to cover the wide span of pins while avoiding other obstacles on the lane.

Strategies For Converting The Greek Church Split

Converting the Greek Church split requires a combination of precision, power, and a deep understanding of the physics of bowling. One strategy is to adjust the angle of approach and the placement of the ball on the lane to target the pins effectively. Some bowlers opt for a hook or curve ball to increase the chances of hitting the pins at the right angle.

Another approach is to use the right ball with the appropriate weight and coverstock to maximize the chances of splitting the pins effectively. Additionally, practicing the release and follow-through techniques can significantly improve the likelihood of converting challenging splits like the Greek Church.

Other Notable Challenging Splits in Bowling

While the Greek Church split is often considered the most difficult, there are other challenging splits that bowlers may encounter. These include:

  • The 7-10 split, also known as “bedposts,” presents a daunting task due to the wide gap between the back corners of the pin deck.
  • The 4-6-7-9-10 split, also referred to as the “Big Five,” shares similarities with the Greek Church split in terms of its complexity.
  • The 4-6-7-10 split, known as the “Big Four without the 9 pin,” demands precision and accuracy to cover the wide span of pins.


Mastering the art of converting challenging splits in bowling requires dedication, practice, and a deep understanding of the mechanics of the sport. While the Greek Church split stands out as one of the most formidable challenges in the realm of bowling, it also presents an opportunity for bowlers to test and enhance their skills. By employing the right techniques and maintaining a positive mindset, bowlers can rise to the challenge and strive for success even in the face of the hardest split in bowling.

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