How to Bowl Better, Strike All The Time


A bowling alley is a place to have fun with friends and family. It is also often used by people who want to impress their crush.

It is a great place to hang out and enjoy a great experience.

Nevertheless, the great experience people expect will not be found if the ball does not stick to the lane.

You maybe think that it must be super easy to play bowling because it is all about throwing a ball for taking down the pins.

It is not that simple because several factors will affect the result.

If you do not want to be embarrassed when playing a bowling game, you have to consider learning more about bowling lessons for beginners so you will understand how to bowl better or strike all the time.

When learning this bowling tips topic, you will no longer blame the bowling lane or the ball for their failure for making a successful bowling game.

The real problem might come from the way you throw the ball.

There was a time when people think that bowling is just a recreational activity.

It is not completely wrong because many of them love to hang out at the bowling alley.

Nevertheless, bowling also becomes a quite popular sports game for people of different age ranges.

Everyone can play this game but playing this is not just about throwing a bowling ball.

Although it will not be that easy, it does not mean that it is hard to understand more about this game.

The most important keys to improving the game are by knowing the right technique and having the right bowling gears.


Learn How to Bowl Better, Strike, Tips for Beginers

Take a Deep Breath

The very first step to fail when bowling is to be too stiff. It is not a good thing and it can lead to failure.

If you want to bowl correctly and accurately, you have to relax.

You should not sweat it. The easiest trick to relax the body before starting to bowl is by taking a deep breath and repeating it.

Bowling cannot be separated from flexibility after all.

Besides being flexible, you should also be adaptable. Someone might be a great bowling player at their local bowling arena.

However, you must not forget that the bowling alleys can be different from one bowling place to another place.

Even different lanes can have different conditions because the oil content of the lanes is different.

Yes, the bowling lanes will be oiled. The ability to adapt and even improvise is crucial.


Do Not Choose the Heavier Ball

Many people think that it is so much better to choose the ball with a heavier weight to get a better result.

This might be a common misconception that is completely wrong.

You should not choose a heavier ball for bowling because it will just cause fatigue after you uses it for a while.

The wrist might be strained as well because of the wrong weight choice of the bowling ball.

However, it is not good as well to choose the bowling ball that is too light because it can swerve off the bowling lane.

Choosing the right bowling ball is the next important step to be successful when bowling.

The key point of the right bowling ball is that it must be comfortable enough to throw.

The right weight of the ball will allow the player to knock the pins off at one try.

Beginners and pros may have a different ideal weight of bowling ball after all.


Fit Finger Holes

Bowling will not be as easy as you imagine. You really have to pay attention to details including about the bowling ball. It has to be in the right weight.

However, it is not the only aspect to consider when people are looking for the best bowling ball. They also have to consider the finger holes.

If you want to have a good experience when playing a bowling game, you need to make sure that you can fit their fingers in the bowling ball finger holes.

If you choose the ball with too small or too big finger holes, your performance can be too sloppy.

The sloppy performance will never refer to a good bowling game experience for sure.


Straight Imaginary Line

Once you grab the right ball for a bowling game, your focus might go straight to the pins.

You cannot help it to expose their winning obsession by glaring at the bowling pins.

Unfortunately, this action will not help them to make a great bowling game.

Instead of being too focused on the pins, you should use your imagination if you want to throw the ball successfully.

Every time you have to throw the ball through a straight alley, you need to imagine a straight line from the center of the lane to the pins.

Instead of the pins, you should use this imaginary straight line as the guide to throwing the ball along with it.

This is the key to deliver a perfect hit when playing a bowling game.

Another useful trick to follow to make sure that the ball can be glided in the middle of the lane is by taking a position to the side of the alley.

It sounds like a small detail but a small detail can make a big difference in a bowling game. Trust me.


Right Position

Everyone can throw the bowling ball but if you want to make sure that you can deliver a great throw, you must not be careless about their hand position.

The right hand position must be kept especially when you come at the bottom of their hand swing. The hand as well as the wrist must be kept behind the ball.

It is also important to remember that you will release the ball automatically when your wrist is broken at the bottom.

It means that you will not get much hooking to have a perfect throw.


How to Hold a Bowling Ball , Everything You Need to Know


Holding a bowling ball sounds like an easy enough thing to do, right? However, it is not as simple as it sounds. It is quite tricky at first.

You see a bowling ball with three finger holes in it and you do not even know which fingers to use.

You might not know this, but you can hold your bowling ball in many different ways.

You will even find bowling balls with up to five holes and no holes at all.

That is why you will be able to find so many bowling styles.

And luckily for you, we are going to tell you all you need to know about how to hold a bowling ball.


The Importance of the Grip

Before we talk about the many ways you can hold your bowling ball, let’s talk about why it is important in the first place.

As we have said before, your grip on your bowling ball can change your game completely.

Why? Well, you can see several factors that are affected by your grip on the bowling ball.

First of all, your grip will affect the control that you have on your ball speed.

A good grip allows you to have better control over the speed that you want your bowling ball to have.

Other than that, the grip that you have on your ball will also help you control how you release the ball.

You will also be able to control the direction of your bowling ball better with the help of a good grip.

Another reason why the grip on your ball is important is that it will help you aim the ball consistently.

This stability is what you want to have if you are bowling.

If you can release the ball with a stable grip, you will be able to boost your bowling scores without any problem at all.

That is why your grip is very important when it comes to bowling.


Is My Ball the Right Fit?

If you have gone bowling before, then you probably know that bowling balls come in different sizes.

This allows you to have options when you are trying to hit those bowling pins.

That way, you will be able to choose the perfect-sized ball for you that you are comfortable with.

However, how do you even know that your ball is the right fit for you?

What factors do you need to consider when you are choosing your bowling ball?

Well, you do not need to overthink about that anymore, especially since we are going to give you some useful pointers.

Okay. So, the most important thing is that you can hold your bowling ball comfortably.

You can see this by getting a feel when you are holding the ball.

Make sure that the holes in the bowling ball have enough space so that your fingers can enter and exit them easily.

This is one of the basics of how to hold a bowling ball.

If you feel that the holes in the ball are too tight, you should probably choose another ball.

A bowling ball that is too tight on your fingers can cause blisters, rip your fingernails, and destroy your chances of releasing the ball perfectly.

And of course, this is not going to be good for your performance at all.

If you are serious about getting the perfect-sized bowling ball, then you can go to a pro-bowling shop.

This kind of shop will help you measure the perfect-sized holes for your fingers.

You can then ask them to drill your ball so that it will be the perfect fit for you. Pretty amazing, right?


The Many Types of Hole Drills

As we have mentioned before, you will be able to find so many types of bowling balls out there.

We are talking about the number of holes that go in a bowling ball.

You might be familiar with bowling balls that have three holes drilled on them.

However, have you ever seen a bowling ball with five holes on it? Well, that kind of ball does exist.

And the type of hole drill layout on a bowling ball will affect the technique that you need to use to throw the ball.

Here are the many types of bowling balls that you need to know about.


Two Holes

A bowling ball with two holes requires you to use the two-finger grip on your ball.

You can insert your middle and ring finger into the ball.

Because it is a two-finger grip, your thumb stays out of the ball.

The advantage of using this technique is that you will have better control over the spin of your ball.


Three Holes

Three holes are the most common number of holes that you will find on a bowling ball.

This allows you to use the three-finger grip on your bowling ball.

The holes will usually be placed in a triangular layout on the ball.

The two upper holes can be used to insert your middle and ring fingers whereas the single lower hole is where your thumb goes.

To get a better grip on your ball, you need to place your pointer and pinky fingers properly.

They should comfortably rest to the side, where they are positioned on the surface of your bowling ball.

With this kind of grip, you will be able to control the movement and the release of your ball effortlessly.

Your fingers will all work together to be able to create that perfect throw.


Four Holes

Another type of hole drill layout on a bowling ball is the four-holes drill layout.

Having so many holes might make it confusing for you.

However, there is a purpose behind this layout of hole drills on the bowling ball.

Many people change their style to a four-hole grip because of several reasons.

First of all, the presence of four holes allows you to alleviate the pressure on the fingers.

This pressure can often be felt when you are using a three-hole grip.

If you are suffering from arthritis, it is going to be very painful to use a three-hole grip when you are bowling.

A four-hole grip also gives you a stronger grip. This allows you to have more control over your bowling ball.

The fourth hole on the bowling ball can be used to insert your pinky finger.

However, some bowlers feel more comfortable inserting their middle finger into the fourth hole.

The results of these two different techniques can be mixed.

However, it all comes down to how comfortable you are with how you hold your bowling ball.


Five Holes

The most holes that you will find on a bowling bowl is five holes.

This might sound pretty excessive, but you will gain a few advantages by using a five-hole grip on your bowling ball.

And there are several reasons why.

Of course, all of your fingers will be in the ball with a five-hole grip.

This will help you when it comes to alleviating pressure on your fingers.

Other than that, you will also feel several other benefits of using this kind of grip.

You will be able to distribute the weight more properly.

You will also be able to increase the control that you have over your bowling ball.

However, this kind of technique is not without its faults.

The downside that you will get from a five-hole grip is the fact that you will have to use all of your fingers.

This means that you will have to be able to control more variables when you are releasing your ball.

And if you do not get that down, you will not be able to make the perfect throw.


Zero Holes

You might think that a five-hole bowling ball is the last of them.

But wait, there is more. The last type of hole drill layout is no hole at all.

This type of bowling balls and or bowling technique allows you to bowl without inserting your fingers to the ball.

What you need to do is to hold the bowling ball using the palm of your hand.

There are some debates about whether or not this method should be legal in bowling leagues.

However, it should be fine as long as the palm of your hand covers the hole where your thumb is supposed to go.


The Reason Behind the Many Types of Hole Drills

Now that you know the many types of hole drills on a bowling ball, let’s talk about the reason behind them.

Why is there such a variation when it comes to how many holes that you can find on a bowling ball?

Well, you will be able to find several reasons why.

We have said before that switching up your grip can change your game pretty significantly.

Well, switching the number of holes can change your grip.

In the end, your scores can improve when you switch up the number of holes on your bowling ball.

It is one of the most important things that you need to know about how to hold a bowling ball.

However, that does not mean that everyone who uses a five-hole grip will score better than others who only use the three-hole grip.

It all comes down to how comfortable you are with your grip.

Some people can control their ball better using the five-hole grip.

And some people do not. It is a form of art that is individualized to each bowler.


Different Types of Grips

Other than using different numbers of holes, you can also use different types of grips to improve your performance.

Here are some of the gripping styles that you need to know.


Conventional Grip

As the name suggests, this is the most common way for you to grip your bowling ball.

It is a secure and stable grip that uses a three-hole ball drill.

To use this grip, insert your middle and ring finger into the two upper holes and your thumb into the single lower hole.

You should feel no strain when you are doing this grip.


Fingertip Grip

The next advanced grip that you need to know about is the fingertip grip.

To use this grip, you should use a three-hole drill. Insert your thumb fully into the lower hole.

However, your middle and ring fingers should only be inserted up to the point of your first knuckle.

The advantage of this grip is that you will be able to throw a hook more naturally.


Semi-Finger Grip

Semi-finger grip is a more advanced grip but is pretty similar to the fingertip grip.

It is more comfortable yet it lacks the control that you will get from a conventional or a fingertip grip.

This grip is just like the fingertip grip.

However, you should insert your middle and ring finger up to the point between your first and second knuckle.


Sarge Easter Grip

The last grip that we are going to tell you is the sarge easter grip.

This is a very uncommon grip that combines conventional and fingertips grip styles.

Your thumb and index finger will follow the fingertip grip style while your ring finger will follow the conventional grip style.

This allows you to improve the forward roll of your ball and reduce the stress on your ring finger.


How To Throw Bowling Ball , Few Tricks to Successfully Bowl a Strike

However, playing a bowling game will be more than just throw a ball.

You want to be successful and when you are talking about success when playing bowling, it means that you need to bowl a strike.

For some people, it might be a coincidence or even a miracle. It is something that they cannot predict.

Nevertheless, you can make sure that bowling a strike is something that you can control as long as you do the right things.

Few tricks can be applied to help them bowl a strike every time.

First of all, you have to pay attention to the equipment needed for playing bowling.

You cannot play bowling without a bowling ball.

That is why if we want to have a good game, we need a good bowling ball.

Beginners should keep in mind that they need to get a bowling ball that is suitable the most for them.

You should not choose too heavy ball nor too light one.

It might take time to find the most suitable bowling ball weight but after trial and error, the best-suited bowling ball will be found for sure.

Another important aspect that will affect the result of the bowling game is timing.

A good bowling start can be determined by the timing.

The right timing means that you must have synchronized hands and legs movement.

This way, you can deliver a perfect throw.

Besides timing, the posture will also play an important role in the success of throwing a strike ball when playing bowling.

The hand and wrist must be in a firm position when playing bowling.

This position must be kept throughout the shot.

The position can be different if people want to make different types of throws.

If you want to make a straight throw, for instance, it means that you have to keep their hand and wrist straight when releasing the ball.

It is different from when you want to create a hook throw.

In this circumstance, you need to turn the hand and wrist as the ball is taken forward from the backswing.

By practicing this approach cleanly, you will be able to bowl a strike perfectly every time.

You do believe that the clean approach when bowling is not something that can be achieved instantly.

Practicing is necessary and of course, you need to try their best to throw timely with a good position.

Practice makes perfect.


Basic Rules to Follow

Bowling is a game with some rules. It is also important to understand the rules when playing this game.

Since we are talking about rules, you cannot break it, of course.

A strike is something that we will talk a lot about bowling.

It seems that we understand that a strike can be the highest achievement that we can get when playing the game.

But, do you really understand the meaning of a strike?

Well, you can say that you bowl a strike when you throw a ball and it takes down all the ten pins at once.

There are also other terms used for a bowling game.

People will use the double term when a player bowls two strikes in a row.

Another term that is used often is turkey for three consecutive strikes.

People talk about the importance of the bowling ball.

They have to pay attention to details when choosing the bowling ball to make a perfect throw.

Nevertheless, there are also other items that are essential for a bowling game.

A bowling game cannot be started with the pins.

The pins for bowling should have 15 inches height with a maximum of 4.75 inches of width.

The weight of the pins also matters. Each pin should not have more than 3-4 ounces.

What about the bowling ball? You indeed know that the ball becomes the main weapon for playing a bowling game.

Because of the importance of the ball, it is better if you can understand the ball better.

You can start with the materials used for making the bowling balls.

Various materials can be used for making the balls. The most common materials are resin, plastic, or urethane.

Well, the bowling balls also come with different weights and players can choose the ball weight that suits them the best.

Nevertheless, the bowling rules said that the ball must not have more than 16 pounds of weight.

Last but not least, the rules will also cover the lane for bowling.

The length of a bowling alley must be 60 feet measured from the foul line to the row of the pins.

The width of the lane must be 3.5 feet. Those are the basic rules of bowling that must be followed and cannot be broken.



This how to bowl article is for everyone because everyone can play bowling.

This is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of different age ranges.

It will not be hard to start playing this game because the rule is very simple and easy to understand.

You can follow the rule easily as well.

Some types of games make people invest a lot of money in buying the equipment.

However, buying the equipment for playing bowling will not be a great burden for our pocket.

Well, the simple rule of playing bowling includes the fact that you only need to throw the ball to take down the pins.

The perfect hit is not an instant skill. You need to practice to be able to throw a strike that is considered as the perfect hit when playing bowling.

Trial and error is something that must be passed through by a bowler for learning their flaws and techniques so they can throw a strike perfectly every time.

After gathering the basic rules of a bowling game, you can start playing the game.

All that you need to do is get the bowling equipment and go to the bowling lanes.