How To Clean A Bowling Ball


As bowlers, you might raise some questions regarding how to clean a bowling ball. Cleaning a bowling ball is important because some players say that their bowling balls do not hook anymore.

They do not get a similar reaction after playing for 50 games. They tend to feel that way as a result of poor maintenance of their bowling balls.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of your bowling balls.

When you bowl, oil and dirt from the lanes could make your bowling balls dirty and wrong. This oil and dirt could cause your bowling balls’ performance reduced over time.

When there is oil, the ball is likely to have a harder time to grip the lanes and correctly reach the target. Properly cleaning your bowling balls would prolong the life of your ball and prevent it from self-destruction.

Before jumping into the steps on how to properly clean a bowling ball, it is also important to answer several questions related to it, such as how dirty a bowling ball is and how often should we clean the bowling ball.

Let’s take a look at this article to know the right answers to those questions!


How Dirty is your Bowling Ball?

The surface of your bowling ball could be easily dirt because of the sixty-foot oil-coated lane. When it turns out to be dirty, your porous bowling ball allows different friction that affects the way you play the bowling.

The microscopic holes are plugged up with the oil and dirt from the lane or maybe from your hand, making it reacts different than it should be.

For example, it becomes slower, increasing the error of grabbing the bowling balls and so on. In conclusion, the dirt from your bowling ball could make your performance when playing the bowling worse.

After knowing that your bowling ball is dirty and need to be cleaned, you have to know when you should clean the bowling ball and how often the cleaning process should be done so that it prevents you from the bad performance of playing.


How Often Should the Cleaning Process be Done?

To make your bowling ball live longer, you have to do regular maintenance cleaning. As your bowling ball gets exposed to more oil, you have to pick it up with more and more slick into the surface of the bowling ball.

You also have to notice the oil track that the bowling balls have. When you take care of this oil track, you do not allow the oil from the surface of the lane or your hand absorb into the balls’ surface.

To take care of your bowling balls, you can rub the surface of your ball with a microfiber towel after you play with the ball. The sooner you clean your bowling ball, the better the result you will get.

Your bowling ball will have less chance to get absorbed by more oil after rubbing it. To prevent any missed oil from absorbing further to your balls’ surface, you may spray the ball surface with particular cleaner before wiping it down with the towel.

The more often you rub and clean the bowling ball, the longer your bowling ball will live and be used by you as bowlers.

After knowing when you should clean the bowling ball, how to do a proper cleaning for your ball? Read the information below to get to know better!


Easier Cleaning at Home

Similar to what has been said earlier, you can directly wipe away the fresh oil on your ball after bowling it. Cleaning your ball could maintain its condition.

You have to prepare a ball towel so that you can easily use it for cleaning purposes. Do not forget to change the towel every time after using it.

By often changing the towel you prevent the building up oil on the towel that can also be transferred to the bowling ball.

The ball towel should be a microfiber cloth that will keep threads from the cloth rubbing into the ball and influence your performance.

Try to swap your towel for about the halfway point in your play.

The purpose of this is getting the best result of the game.

Use Alcohol

After throwing the bowling ball into the lane, the surface of your ball will be warm. The heat happens because of the friction between the ball and the path.

The heat from this friction lets the pores of the ball open, and you can use this condition to clean the ball by applying alcohol into the balls’ surface.

The alcohol is not applied directly to the surface of the ball. It should be used sparingly to your wet rag.

This wet rag with alcohol can be used to clean the balls’ surface. After cleaning it with the alcohol and wet towel, use a fresh towel to dry the remaining moisture on the surface.

Deep Cleaning

To do the deep cleaning, you have to wait until significant numbers of bowling game. The deep cleaning could remove the oil that has sunk deep into the pores of your ball after such a long time.

Try to apply deep cleaning every 50 games if you regularly play bowling in oily lanes.

However, when you play bowling in regulated lanes often, you can apply deep cleaning for your ball every 70 up to 100 games. Therefore, it depends on where you play bowling.

Before applying the deep cleaning for your bowling balls, you can try to tape up the fingers hole of your bowling bowl with waterproof tape.

It could prevent your ball from harm because it contains water in it. After taping it up, you can start to insert your ball in hot water.

Hot water lets the oil from the surface of the ball lifted. Try to soak your ball for about 20 minutes.

After soaking up your ball in boiling water for 20 minutes, remove the ball and take off the waterproof tape that you use and dry your ball by using lint-free towel or dry rag.

The steps needed on how to properly clean a bowling ball should be obeyed so that your ball could live longer.