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How to Find Rev Rate in Bowling? Top Tips and Techniques



Have you ever wondered how bowlers calculate their rev rate (spin) and why it’s important?

Rev rate, short for revolution rate, determines the number of revolutions a bowler imparts on the ball. It’s a crucial factor in a bowler’s game as it directly impacts the ball’s motion and ultimately the pin carry and overall bowling performance.

How to Calculate Rev Rate

Calculating your rev rate involves a few key steps and some simple math. There are various methods to determine your rev rate, but here are some helpful techniques:

Using A Camera And Tape

One common method to find your rev rate is by utilizing a camera and tape. Here’s a general process for this method:

  1. Record a video of your release, ensuring the ball is in full view throughout the entire release and down-lane journey.
  2. Count the number of frames it takes for the ball to make one complete rotation.
  3. Divide the camera’s frame rate by the number of frames per revolution, which gives you the rev rate.

Revolution Counting Tools

Alternatively, there are tools and devices available that can help you accurately count the revolutions of your bowling ball. Some of these tools can provide instant and precise rev rate measurements, making the process even easier.


Why Rev Rate Matters

Understanding your rev rate is crucial for various reasons:

  • Ball Motion: A higher rev rate typically generates more hook potential, altering the ball’s trajectory and motion down the lane.
  • Pin Carry: The rev rate affects the pin action, influencing the likelihood of knocking down pins for higher scores.
  • Ball Selection: Knowing your rev rate aids in selecting the right bowling ball, considering factors such as coverstock and core design that complement your rev rate for optimal performance.
How to Find Rev Rate in Bowling? Top Tips and Techniques

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Tools and Resources

If you’re looking for additional resources or tools to assist in calculating your rev rate, there are several options available:

  • YouTube Videos: There are tutorials and demonstrations on YouTube that offer step-by-step guidance on finding your rev rate.
  • Bowling Forums: Engage in discussions on platforms like Reddit and BowlingChat.net to gain insights from experienced bowlers and experts.
  • Revolution Counting Tools: Consider investing in tools specifically designed to accurately measure your rev rate, providing convenience and precision.


Calculating your rev rate is an essential aspect of honing your bowling skills and improving your overall performance. By understanding how to find your rev rate and leveraging tools and resources, you can make informed decisions regarding ball selection and adjustments to enhance your game.

Keep practicing, experimenting with different techniques, and use the information gained from calculating your rev rate to elevate your bowling performance!


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